5 Types of Stock Video Licenses

When downloading stock videos with different video licenses, you might be wondering how you are allowed to use the videos, how long you have the rights to use them, and if there are any limitations. Of course, the ideal situation is that once you download the video, there are no restrictions on usage forever. This is the case for the Vidoasis Unlimited License which applies to all videos on vidoasis.com (c’mon, we had to do it). But it’s not that way for every type of stock video. Here are a few of the current licenses out there, and what they mean.


1. Creative Commons Licensed (CC) Videos

Right away, it’s important to know that not all Creative Commons licenses are the same. Generally speaking, you are allowed to use Creative Commons works for all uses including commercial, but that doesn’t apply to all Creative Commons media. Use this guide when dealing with a video under a Creative Commons license.

2. Rights Managed (RM) Videos

This type of license predates the Internet, so it likely won’t apply to anything you’re working with, but it still has a time and place. This license means the creator and distributor have reached an agreement on how many times the content can be used. So if you were going to sell up to 10,000 DVD’s, you’d need an agreement to allow your chosen stock video to be used 10,000 times. Again, you really won’t find this anywhere when licensing stock videos. But it’s good to know.

3. Royalty Free (RF) Videos

With Royalty Free videos, you’re pretty much free to use in a completely unlimited way. The only restrictions are re-selling the work as-is, or using the videos in ways potentially demeaning to the subject. You are welcome to use Royalty Free videos in commercial or creative projects as long as you’re altering them in some way. If you see Royalty Free on a video, you’re good to go.

4. Copyright Free or Public Domain Videos

Copyright Free or Public Domain videos are videos whose intellectual property rights have been forfeited, are expired, or no longer apply. Most of the videos in this category are old films whose copyrights have expired. Anyone can use Public Domain videos for commercial or creative, but they cannot be owned.

5. Vidoasis Unlimited License (VUL)

There is almost no difference between the Vidoasis Unlimited Licensed videos and Royalty Free videos. You simply must have downloaded the video through a subscription from Vidoasis in order to obtain the rights to use that video. Once downloaded, your rights never expire, and you can use the video in any manner indefinitely. Even after your subscription to Vidoasis expires, you can continue using the videos you downloaded forever, anywhere.


So that is a brief overview of the different types of licenses when it comes to videos. We hope it proves to be helpful when working on your next video project!